Okay so there's gonna be stuff typed lower on the page and stuff. That's gonna be what I'm thinking at any given time where I decide to start pounding away on the ol hell box. It's gonna have bad political takes and stuff. Lot's of stories about me getting cut off in traffic and how I don't feel in control.


Hello. I'm alive.


Good website.


Plasma place said my protein is too low which I'm not sure I believe. I mean, how am I unfit to donate but the my 600 pound life looking motherfucker is? Balloon up to a quarter ton and everyone's happy, but get in shape and you'll have people telling you you're unhealthy. This happens enough to where it really bothers me. People just want you to be as miserable as them.


Got my synths up and running again for the most part. Sometimes I wish I learned something normal.


Thinking about making a personal page. Like, photos and stuff.




I've had an SCP/RPC in the works for a while, but after looking into the current state of both sites/discords I'm not sure how I feel about working with them. Just a strange bunch, ya know? Politics and a bad atmosphere. I might just do it here. I don't know.


New main page song. Listen to it here. This song has been in my head for days. It was on the DBS mix. Pretty cool that it was a .rar file. Don't see that much nowadays. I think once I start doing my thang again I'm gonna be using it in a lot of my sets and videos. What else? Oh yeah, someone saw me on Agora thought I was silly so I found a Discord server they were in and got silly. Some old bitch snatched a towel out of my hand at the gym today. I hate white women.


Cha-cha-changes! Yeah, new front page. Newish. Funny things and no more DBS shrine since I was just using that to learn HTML and CSS. Uhhhhh. Ermmmm. The webring is different now. CRT effect. Check it out.


Ermmmm. Yep. New project. Webring with the rats. Rat-a-tat-tat. I'm telling you, this is gonna be the next Twitter. Gonna blow your socks off I'm telling ya. You can visit it from the main page by clicking on the new button with the Navi logo or the scrolling text. It's pretty different from this site. I'm learning that HTML like that block of text on the main page says!!!!! Been drinking again. Naughty naughty.


Yep. New thing on the main page. You are the 100,000th visitor!!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!!! Anyway, big thanks to Ms. Spades for helping me figure out javascript.


A schizophrenic man tried to fight myself and another guy in the gym yesterday. Mr. Schizo was mad-dogging us and flipping the lights on and off while making grunts like a deer in rut before he cornered the other guy. The other guy and I were making eye contact, making sure we were on the same page, while I had a dumbell in my hand ready to crack Mr. Schizo in the head if he tried anything. Thankfully, nothing happened, but the gym is going to let Mr. Schizo stay, so I left and got a membership at Planet Fitness. It's not great, but it's better than having to fight Mr. Schizo.


Man. I hate the firearms community so much. Now don't get me wrong, I love firearms. They're my main hobby, but the community that surrounds them is awful. It's just a bunch of people lying to themselves and inflating their ego. It's hypebeast culture at heart."Don't you dare call that magazine a 'clip' you retarded little gayboy Democrat!" like, honestly, tell me that sounds like something a normal person would say. God, not to mention the mindset of having the latest and greatest Crye of HK makes you better than someone else. CQB class certificates being shown off like they cleared an apartment complex in Iraq, when in reality all they did was shoot a paper target while rounding a corner. This is particularly common in the US but people who insist the AR-15 has never been a military rifle. Jesus man, what do you think the M16 and M4 are derived from? Sure it has a different name, but that doesn't make it different. If I call a Ford an Audi it doesn't make it an Audi. It's still a Ford. It's a military rifle/carbine and you should be allowed to own one, but don't lie to people. God, this is why I like the DBS circle. They're normal people. God bless them. They're the only redeeming part of all this.


Yo, yo. I'm back. That is all.


I'm gonna make a button page, just you wait. It's gonna be redundant since I already have buttons up on the home page, but it's my site. I have fun here. Anyway, check some of them there buttons out. I'm going out to "The Ranch" (interpret that however you'd like) tomorrow to get away from life and the hell that is the city for a while. It's been almost a year. I'll take some photos, but I need to learn how to get rid of the Metadata. I'm sure the internet will help with that.


Okay big dawg, it's been a bit. I'd say I've been doing something productive but I haven't. I've got some ideas. I'm working on more buttons and I'm gonna try and see if I can get some people I know to make some. I already talked about it, but whatever. It's my website. Anyway, I've got something in the works for The Serious Zone. It's about mental illness and stuff. Ripped from my Discord conversations as always. I'm thinking of making a second website for my music stuff. I'm thinking about DJing again. There's supposed to be some tunnels in my city and I've been looking around for them. They'd be cool to do a rave in. I don't know if people would be comfortable being underground. Who knows. I'd assume they would be considering that people were fine with the DBS rave in that power plant. Oh yeah, saw a show last weekend and my ears are still ringing.


That's my button. Steal my code and size it to what you want, or don't. I know my "code" sucks. I got the MAC-10 art from here. Credit to that dude.


Hey playa, there's stuff in the "my writing" section now. I'll write more here later.

Might put this on the front page. I should be back in the gym again tomorrow after I hurt my back spreading my lats.


Yo yo yo. I'm working on a webring. It's gonna have people I know' websites and people I don't know' websites (you're stuck with me). Also, the CIA's site and stuff. It's gonna be great. Making buttons. Also there's more stuff in The Serious Zone!!!


Didn't do much today. Shitposting as usual. I'm putting together some thoughts I have on my (and other's) sexuality being exploited and the fake "counterculture" we have nowadays. I'm thinking of making a new page for photos of me and the things I do. Bad idea? Without a doubt.

Damn this guy is cool.


Alright boys, we've got music. It took some real blood, sweat and tears (15 minutes on Google and shooting a message to someone I know on Discord, thanks Big T). Anyway, I'm thinking everything is gonna have music on it and it's all gonna suck (I like it so whatever). I'm thinking a lot of breakcore and other EDM style stuff. For The Serious Zone, I'll probably do something like Nine Inch Nails or Skinny Puppy. I've got some further works (God, I sound like some egocentric internet author when I say "further works") in the works (hehe) on why I don't like having my sexuality exploited and mutilated beyond recognition, so some cocksucker at Blackrock HQ can have 23 gorgillion dollars instead of 22 bazingillion dollars. Not much else on my mind right now.


Okay guys. You know what time it is. 10AM? No, silly, it's time to have some company shove some rainbow merchandise down your throat. They care so much about us, man. They definitely wouldn't do this just for money. Surely Blackrock doesn't have an index that supports this stuff (they do). Anyway, if you see someone you know wearing some pride garbage made in a hellhole overseas by tiny Bangladeshi hands, try and talk to them about how they're being taken advantage of. They probably won't like it, but hey, it's worth a shot so they don't become full-on slaves to the corpos (at least any more than anyone else is). God forbid you know someone who makes this mass-produced garbage; do us all a favor and just run them over in your car. If you don't have a car, you can just kill them with a screwdriver or something.

29/5/23 (Memorial Day)

How awful that even a day meant to remember the fallen has been capitalized on. Better buy more shit to show people that you don't hate dead service members and emergency responders. Anyway, I went to the store today to get some stuff to make burgers, and I am convinced the dumbest people on the planet are in the produce aisle.

"The white woman feigns a submissive grin before she strikes."

Pretty good, right? Came up with that one while waiting to pay.


Pounding unmarked Mexican diet pills in the car, trying to fish my wallet out from under the gas pedal, and on the way to the gym. Revving my straight 5 Jeep Cherokee at middle aged white women at stop lights. They yell but I can't hear them over this bangin slurp-core. Some people who I think want to kill me for getting their friend arrested after he tried to kill me were at the gym today. I don't think they recognized me. I did my workout and got the fuck out. I HATE THE CITY.


Worked out really hard yesterday (ow) so I didn't post anything. Unrelated to what I'm about to say. Anyway, I've been thinking about a lot of stuff. Sercret things. Anyway, the gym has been going pretty damn well. I'm looking a lot better and not like a Hasidic Jew with cancer. I just need to get my mile time and 500 metre swim time down. After that, it's time to support the war machine. Yippe!!! In other news, I've been looking into the Archons and Demiurge more. I wouldn't consider myself religious, but it's still interesting.

I think about this picture a lot. I think about it when I threaten/joke about running someone over or killing them with a hammer. I need to stop doing that.

(back again) 23/5/23 (back again)

Okay. Back again. Got ideas. Brain is working. So. Been thinking. What's with machines sounding like Disney princess sounds? God damn. BEEP BEEP BEEP, not LALALALALALA. God. They make those things too damn human. Don't like that one bit. Where's that ERRRRT that they used to make? Going to see a show today. Not gonna say what it is. Anyway, I want to set up a mail system so people can message me. That big flashing gif is cool, but I wanna streamline everything. I still want it to hurt to look at, but it needs to be easier to use. I'm still learning HTML and CSS (sure you couldn't tell though), so that might be pretty far away. I'm not above just stealing some code.

OKAY. Here's a bad image. I don't like it. You have to see it too. Sucks, right? Yeah. Pretty bad. I think VR is gonna be the next Internet. A whole world inside a machine. Crazy. I feel like there was a show about things like this. Serial Experiments Lain. Yeah. Good show. You should go watch it. I'm bouncing off the walls.


New year, new me. I've got a website now. Pretty cool not having to be subject to the normal social media. I'm traversing the grid of knowledge. This is just like Gorbino's Quest (wow). Tapped into the wired and I'll probably never leave. It is what it is. I've got big plans for this place. I'm gonna put some stuff from my book on here. Hell, maybe the whole thing. Who knows. Anyway, there's also gonna be cool photos of fish and stuff. Maybe some of my 3D printing projects too. I'm following some friends on Neocities now, which is cool. Great hosting service. Life is changing for the better. The world is getting worse, but it is what it is. Gotta keep going, ya know?